Sectional Doors

Comprised of a number of hinged rigid sections which slide overhead and in the open position sits parallel with the ceiling of the garage. The door in the open position will take up approximately 300mm of space from the ceiling.

The door is lightweight and easy to operate due to its track and roller system plus accurate torsion spring balancing. Unlike tilt doors, the panels do not protrude into the driveway or street at any time during its operation.

House with sectional door


All our doors are made from:

  • Bluescope Colorbond┬« Steel, and the inside of the panels have fully hemmed edges for safety
  • The galvanised springs are mounted on a torsion pole at the front of the garage and will not rust
  • Our strong hinges are made from 1.6mm thick galvanised steel and will last a lifetime
  • Full bearing nylon coated rollers are used in our tracking system which gives a very quite operation and longevity
  • The tracking system is all galvanised 1.0mm steel

Sectional Door construction

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